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Poverty and Development Working Papers series (in short, PovDev series) is published by the Poverty and Development Research Center ( located at the Department of History and Ethnology, University of Jyväskylä, Finland. The PovDev papers report ongoing research related to global poverty and development issues, and are archived in JYX, the University of Jyväskylä's institutional repository.

Editors: Laura Stark (Editor-in-Chief), and Jelena Salmi

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Vol. 2017, No 1 

Jukka Jouhki and Laura Stark
Causes and Motives of Early Marriage in The Gambia and Tanzania. Is New Legislation Enough?


Both The Gambia and Tanzania have high rates of under-18 marriage for girls and both also raised the legal age of marriage for girls to 18 in 2016. This ethnographic study of the urban Muslim poor in Tanzania and The Gambia explores the causes behind and meanings of early marriage in these countries and discusses the likelihood of the recent legislative changes to have effect on actual practice among the poor in the towns and cities of these countries.

Keywords: Adolescence, early marriage, gender, legislation, The Gambia, Tanzania.

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